PEY Position Information

Participant Info

Unilever Canada
Out-of-Home Sales Analyst
Work Term
Aug 2014 - Aug 2015
What are your daily responsibilities?
Pulling a wide variety of reports from multiple internal systems
What were some projects you were involved in?
-Designed and implemented Distributor Score Carding System -Re-developed Process and Data Manipulation Framework by application of VBA Macros -Re-designed and wrote National Freezer Management Policy and Procedures Document
What were strong points of your interview? Did grades matter?
Prior work experiences was the defining factor and the interviewer focused greatly on it. My grades were never mentioned and I don't feel that they made a difference
Which skill sets/courses were most relevant to your position?
Numerical Methods Statistics Team Strats APS 111 & 112
What did your company expect from you as a 2nd/3rd year co-op student?
The company's overall expectations seemed somewhat low when I began, tasks were dull and easy but later certain members of staff seem to have taken notice and provided more substantial and complicated projects.
Did you like your overall PEY experience? Why or why not?
Yes and No. I enjoy my work for the most part and the company is very flexible about hours and allows you to work from home when your work flow allows which is really great. I dislike the work environment, for the most part it feels plastic, the company's general outlook is overly positive to the point that it feels fake and though I'm officially part of a "team" I rarely feel that way.
One fun fact about your job?
Free Ice Cream (no I'm not kidding)
Salary Range
Other Comments
Unilever is a great company to do your PEY. There are countless job functions and possibilities and doing your PEY with them should help you get a foot in a lot of doors. They're also obviously very well known so they look pretty good on a resume.