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Ontario Power Generation
Darlington (Oshawa/Bowmanville)
Project Engineer
Work Term
Fall 2014 - Fall 2015
What are your daily responsibilities?
Major Responsibilities - Project Support/Officer: Basically, putting out fires. If a problem occurs in the field or anywhere, they contact the Projects Team (Led by the PM) and a solution has to be formulated. - Project Manager (PM): The PM leads the project and drive its completion, hopefully on-time and on-budget. - Material Procurement Specialist: Make sure that my vendors are procuring materials on time for installation. Material storage before installation also has to be taken into account and anything that needs to be expedited have to be reported to me. - Root Cause Analysis Support: Support a team to analyze how a "slip-up" occured and why it was not prevented. Daily (House Keeping Stuff) - Action tracking: Making sure that my section's actions are meeting due dates. Most of these are part of an engineering procedure and should NOT be missed. - Workplan, Detailed Commissioning Specification Reviews: Workplans are a step-by-step procedure of what is to happen in the field. Most of these are about 12-25 pages and my section reviews them along with 2-6 other stakeholders before release. (DCSs are something similar but for commissioning)
What were some projects you were involved in?
1. Construction of a building that stores D2O. (This includes all engineering disciplines, the main process piping is VERY chem-y) 2. Addition of a screening facility to increase the throughput of of vehicles going into the Protected Area. 3. Restoration of a parking lot.
What were strong points of your interview? Did grades matter?
In my interview they asked about it briefly but it doesn't really matter to them. Once you get an interview they really don't care about your grades. Also, there's a "3.0 cut-off" for OPG, just apply anyway. I know people who got in without a 3.0 Strong points: - Highlighted all the good things that came from my past experiences (research, working, etc.) (You have to make yourself sound amazing.) - Gave good examples of conflict resolution and team problem solving when asked. (You can make these up)
Which skill sets/courses were most relevant to your position?
Engineering Strategies and Practices - Team setting - Management of schedule, budget, and the project - Dealt with "scope of work", "conceptual design", "design requirements", etc. Process Design - Only a few interns can actually read flow diagrams, being able to will put you in a good place to take on technical responsibilities such as flow analysis during "scope reduction" or "delta analysis" EXCEL.
What did your company expect from you as a 2nd/3rd year co-op student?
More like: What did your MANAGER expect from you as a 3rd year internship student? He expected me to learn everything the intern before me is doing during the turnover period. Excel, and most people around you expect you to know your way around computers since you're young (though not mandatory). My job is not SUPER technical so I wasn't expected to know technical things but I told my manager that I know how to read flow diagrams and all those things so I got responsibilities that have to do with those also.
Did you like your overall PEY experience? Why or why not?
Currently only 5 months in but I love it. My position really lets you see how a project starts and ends, and all the chaos in between. I've also had the privilege to be the Project Manager for several projects. Lastly, since you're managing a project, you get to see the different section that you deal with (design engineering, facilities, municipalities, environment, etc.)
One fun fact about your job?
I usually end at 3:00 PM. So I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want without thinking of anything like HW or work.
Salary Range
$50,000 - $75,000
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