PEY Position Information

Participant Info

Cameco Corporation
Port Hope, Ontario
Co-Op Student
Work Term
Summer 2012 - Fall 2013
What are your daily responsibilities?
Assist the scientists and technologists in performing experimental circuits that aimed to optimize future processes in Cameco's operations.
What were some projects you were involved in?
- Mineralogical and Hydrometallurgical tests on various ore samples - Developed a Geometallurgical database for the department - Project to determine the solubility of radionuclides in simulated lung fluid
What were strong points of your interview? Did grades matter?
- Grades were used as a cut-off - Experience in lab work was a strong point - Interviewers were looking for personality/character traits that they think would align well with the values of the company
Which skill sets/courses were most relevant to your position?
Separation Processes (theory in-class and Paul's lab for the hands-on experience), 2nd year labs
What did your company expect from you as a 2nd/3rd year co-op student?
- Maintain the high safety culture of the company - Assist the scientists and technologists in the completion of projects - Manage and complete my own student project
Did you like your overall PEY experience? Why or why not?
One fun fact about your job?
3 weeks/year paid vacation
Salary Range
Other Comments
I would recommend the job for prospective PEY students