PEY Position Information

Participant Info

Port Hope
Jr. Scientist/Engineer
Work Term
Summer/Fall 2010 - Sep 2011
What are your daily responsibilities?
Set up, carry out, and decommission experiments. Writing reports, editing/writing technical documents. Prepping mineralogical samples.
What were some projects you were involved in?
Simulating radionucleotides residence time in lung fluid. Uranium ore extraction and kinetics. Mineral analysis of ore.
What were strong points of your interview? Did grades matter?
Decent grades mattered. Doing my research ahead of time on the uranium fuel process helped.
Which skill sets/courses were most relevant to your position?
All our chemistry labs. Lab skills and knowledge were important.
What did your company expect from you as a 2nd/3rd year co-op student?
To have good chemical knowledge and be willing to get a little dirty in the lab. Just be able to work collaboratively in a lab as well as independently.
Did you like your overall PEY experience? Why or why not?
I did. You get a lot of insight into a fairly closed/misunderstood field.
One fun fact about your job?
I didn't get irradiated and start glowing green working there. It is a very safe place to work.
Salary Range
Other Comments
The company has hit hard times recently and the group was reduced in size. The other coop I worked with there got a full time job afterwards but he was laid off.