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Process Analyst
Work Term
May 2011-June2012
What are your daily responsibilities?
Work in a project team to implement strategic and tactical change projects in the bank. Activities included database work, creating process maps, working sessions with business partners, root causing and creating solutions.
What were some projects you were involved in?
1: Eliminate the amount of paper reports use by branches. 2: Increase the non home branch services available to small business customers.
What were strong points of your interview? Did grades matter?
Grades did matter to get into the interview but after that not so important. Most important grade was statistics - in the interview they tested your stats knowledge asking about hypothesis tests and normal curves.
Which skill sets/courses were most relevant to your position?
Statistics. Written/Oral communication, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Minitab
What did your company expect from you as a 2nd/3rd year co-op student?
Be a functional member of the team. They were supportive in helping me to learn what I did not know.
Did you like your overall PEY experience? Why or why not?
Overall a good experience - good work life balance and responsibility available. However it was difficult to see the big picture and how your work was important - this was demotivating.
One fun fact about your job?
CIBC has the largest dedicated process engineering team of all the big 5 banks
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