Are you interested in what chemical engineers in Canada are up to? Curious about what industries recruit chemical engineers? Want to mingle with chemical engineering students from other universities while exploring the world-class amenities and the beauty of nature in NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO?
If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then the 64rd CANADIAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE is the place to be!

The Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference is an annual 4-day event where professors and industrial engineers discuss the critical issues faced by chemical engineers. There are also plenty of networking and social events, and students will have opportunities to showcase their contributions to the field through friendly competitions. The main themes of this year’s conference are Advanced Materials, Energy and Sustainability.

Some main activities include:
-Robert G.Auld/Reg Friesen Competition
-Student Banquet
-Plant tours
-Career Fair
– Professional Development Workshops

This year, the conference will be held in NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO FROM OCTOBER 19th TO 22st, 2014.

The trip is PARTIALLY subsidized by the Department, so it will COST $180 PER PERSON until SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2014. This will cover accommodation at the hotel, travel expenses and registration fees. AND, you may be further reimbursed on top of the subsidy. These reimbursement cheques are issued to each person individually after the conference. AFTER SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2014, the price will increase to accommodate late registration for students.

To register, please fill out the Google Form below completely. There are limited spots for students who will gain a travel subsidy.

We accept cash payments and PayPal (link below) for conference costs. Cash payments will only be collected starting September 4th.