Executive Members





Chair: Kayla Musalem

Hey Everyone!
My name is Kayla, I am a Chem 1T6+PEY and I am very excited to be serving as your CSChE Chair this school year.
We have lots of initiatives and events planned for our Undergraduate/Graduate students and Professors, as well as collaborations with other Universities.Make sure to keep up to date on our new website and I hope to see you participating within our active ChemEng community.






Vice Chair: Elizabeth White

Hello Chems, my name is Liz White (1T7 + PEY) and I’m excited to be serving you as Vice-Chair this year. We have a great year ahead of us, so take advantage of the many opportunities to grow, meet new friends, and develop your skills. Get involved!






Events Directors: Molly Gorman

Hi Chems! My name is Molly Gorman and I am your Events Director for the 1T6-1T7 SKULE year, I’m looking forward to helping run a wide diversity of events this year with the rest of the Council, to continue to serve the Chem Eng. community. I hope to see you all soon at our next event!






Events Directors: Katie Marie D

Hi Chemmies! My name is Katie and I am your Events Director for the 1T6-1T7 SKULE year, I’m looking forward to helping the council run inspiring events to benefit the undergraduate community and working with an amazing council to support these events!






Professional Development Director: Rosten Role

Hello Chems! My name is Rosten and I’m a Chem 1T8. I will serve as one of your Professional Development Directors this year. This is my first time taking an executive role for CSChE and I’m really looking forward to working with all of you. See you guys at our events!






Professional Development Director: Natalie Tleel

Hey Chems !!
My name is Natalie Tleel(1T9) and I will be your Professional Development Director for this year.
I’m really excited for what is planned for this year and so should YOU!
Make sure not to miss out on the upcoming awesome events..
Hope to see you soon

Ps: Yes, I LOVE coffee!






Finance Director: Nirali Patel

Hey, I’m Nirali Patel a Chem 1T8 and I am your Finance Director for the 2016/17 year!
I am super excited to be able to help with the various events hosted by CSChE to help connect students, professors, and alumni around the one thing they do best, Chemical Engineering! I look forward to seeing you at one of our events!






Advertising Director: Shankavi Sivakumaran

Hey Chems! My name is Shankavi Sivakumaran and I am a Chem1T9. This year I am your CSChE Advertising Director.
Keep an eye out for all the CSChE events! Hope to see all of you there!






Secretary: Anita Ankisetty

Hi, my name is Anita Ankisetty, I’m in my third year and I will be your secretary. I’m very excited to get involved with CSChE and help organize fun and interesting events for you this year!






Webmaster: Sarah Chang

Hi everyone, my name is Seyoung Chang but you can just call me Sarah. I am Chem 1T8 and I will be your webmaster this year. I look forward to meeting everyone this year! 🙂



Class Reps






4th Year Class Rep: Kenny Wei

Hi my fellow chemmies,
I’m Kenny Wei the 4th year class rep for 2016 to 2017! Please come talk to me if you have any suggestions or things you want to see happen. Hope to see you all at the events!






3rd Year Class Rep: Angela Ma

Hey Chems, specifically the 1T8s! I’m Angela Ma and I am the third year representative. I am super excited to meet everyone, so feel free to approach me at some of our events! See you guys there!






2nd Year Class Rep: Natalija Šćepanović

Hey chems! I’m this year’s second year class representative and if you guys have any questions or wanna give me some suggestions please contact me!






1st Year Class Rep: Muskan Sethi

Hey 2T0s, come talk to me if you want anything. I am super friendly, I just wanna be friends with yall.







1st Year Class Rep: Daniel Jake B

Hey Chems! I’m so excited to be your 1st year rep for 2016-2017. If you guys have any questions about CSChE (or life or where all the best food around campus is), feel free to give me a shout whenever!